TAPA security system

TAPA is a system created for the protection of road freight transport (TSR) and warehousing (FSR).

These days, there is still a relatively small number of logistics and transport companies in Hungary with TAPA certificate and the number of those who are familiar with these regulations.

However the interest for TAPA is rapidly growing. There are some companies whose clients either require the existence of this security system or this is a requirement for participating in a tender.

There are also companies that choose the implementation of TAPA system to secure their market position.

It is worth considering the introduction of the TAPA FSR system  for those companies that deal with the storage of high-value goods and want to enhance the security of their logistics by strengthening their security measures.

The introduction of the TAPA TSR system may be beneficial for companies that primarily deal with the transport of high value goods.

Our company has experience in the implementation and maintenance of both systems. For more information please contact Zsuzsanna Gyurik on +36-30-815-8480 or email: hbardos@t-online.hu



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