Quality management consulting

Now, as Hungary joins the European Union it becomes more and more important for the companies to introduce Quality Management Systems under ISO 9000 series. The Quality Management Systems making part of ISO 9000 series became requirements in the freight forwarding, logistics and transportation trade. We have built out the Quality Management Systems and accomplished preparatory works of companies for this purpose since 1994. From that time a numerous small and middle size enterprises could get the qualification from International Qualification Institutions by our assistance. Our reference list is getting enlarged day by day.

Our power lies in the fact that even the small enterprises can receive special personal consultation working with us, our work does not become industrial-like. Our aim is not only to obtain the certificate, but we consider equally important the effective operation of the system as well. The preparatory works last usually for nine to twelve months. During this period we deliver lectures, audit the company's operation and prepare the documentation required by the system. After having the certificate obtained we can render further help to the quality managing work of the company and the high level functioning of the system for the client's request.

You can get reply to your questions relating to Quality Management System preparations by a single clicking and we would be pleased to send you our reference list about the companies which were prepared and qualified with our help and about those which are in process.

For more information please contact Zsuzsanna Gyurik on +36-30-815-8480 or email: hbardos@t-online.hu

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